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i’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking, but i’ve never had the guts to try this with persian cuisine–i was pretty sure my cooking would never live up to that of my mom or grandmother. i was pleasantly surprised, however, when the first few persian dishes i attempted tasted reaaaally good.

then i realized i need to keep track of these recipes, copy down my grandmother’s old ones (all written in farsi on slowly deteriorating paper), and make notes of all the tricks my mom uses in her cooking to make everything taste beyond amazing. at the same time, each dish in iranian cuisine plays a role in the culture as a whole, giving way to some amazing stories that should be shared.

so here we are. i’m hoping this blog serves a few purposes: motivate me to continue trying to cook the amazing dishes of my culture, help me preserve old recipes, and to inspire anyone interested in learning more about persian food and culture!

feel free to leave comments, ask questions, etc.